Friday favorites want to drink about It

hey there and delighted Friday! I started my day with a run whilst going over my presentation in my head. Ah! I don’t know why I agree to do these things when they make me so nervous. (Same can be said about how I keep signing up for marathons and then freak out the night before!)

This week was a little rough, but thankfully I’ve had my friends (aka alcohol and cheese to keep me company.
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Really though one of my favorites from this week is Ranchero cheese. I love this stuff and found it in my mom’s fridge the other day. For some reason I don’t normally get it, but if I see it at my fam’s I attack it. I think I ate half the package.

And that brings me to the rest of my Friday favorites for this week…

A Week of favorites

1. My Garmin 410 charger broke randomly the other day – it just snapped in half. That has never happened before. Boo. but I bought a replacement on Amazon and it was here in 2 days (didn’t even rush shipping, it was just fast!). Yah!

2. Slowing down. I feel like I’m always rushing and it makes me messy. Lately I’ve been trying to have a lot more patience with myself and slow down a tiny bit. This has helped me from turning the house into a tornado as swiftly as usual!

3. jersey Belle

Love love love this show and I just enjoyed the season finale yesterday while doing my strength exercise. I hope they bring it back. You people know I am (randomly) obsessed with the south, but don’t necessarily belong there so I feel a connection with Jaime.

4. The new ProCompression Leggings. I’ve always been a fan of their compression socks and have been testing out the leggings this week. So far I love them. (More details coming soon.)

If you’re are in the market for socks or leggings us code REPEAT for 40% off!

5. My new Rusk Conditioner that smells like men’s cologne and makes me so happy. I can’t stop smelling it and am probably using way way too much. I love kid smells (like kid cologne smells not armpit smells). I must really just get men’s cologne and stop this Amber romance charade.

Question: What is your favorite thing this week?



साझेदारी हेरचाह गर्दैछ!








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