I really Broke My Foot & walking Boot Recs

I broke my foot. Yep. I can’t believe what started as a bit of an ache in my left foot turned into a total break of my 2nd metatarsal! I’m sharing the progression of events from running someday to limping the next on the Run eat Repeat Podcast since it’s type of a long story for a video. however I did want to update you on the walking boot as well as supplements I’m utilizing as well as share a few of my thoughts on my present injured state.

I Broke My Foot update & walking Boot I’m utilizing – Video

Watch the video on my damaged Foot update as well as the walking Boot & Supplements I’m utilizing best now. as well as listen to the next episode of the Run eat Repeat Podcast for exactly how it occurred as well as all the physicians visits as well as things I did before I lastly got the best diagnosis.

No Running as well as I’m in a Boot for 6 to 8 weeks! Here’s an update on my previous foot injury messages since my diagnosis was wrong at first.
After an x-ray, physical therapy, acupuncture as well as ART (Active release Therapy)… I lastly got an MRI that showed a fracture in the 2nd metatarsal.

Luckily I purchased a walking boot when I very first believed I was injured.
Now I’m using a new lighter walking boot as well as have some supplements to assist my bone recuperate quicker as well as stronger!
So marathon as well as half marathon training is a huge NO for now.
The full story of my foot injury from the very first onset of pain to discovering out it’s a fracture will be on the Run eat Repeat podcast next week.

Links as well as information to the gear I discussed are on RunEatRepeat.com

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I put together a listing of the things I’m utilizing as well as some products I’m researching to assist me heal my damaged foot as well as still be able to do things.

Tool as well as resources for Running Foot Injury

*Check out the Amazon concept listing – Foot Injury should Haves here.*
And if you’re injured please inspect with your physician before trying anything suggested here. Every body is different as well as you gotta do what’s finest for you.

Broken Foot gear suggestions for Runners

When my foot truly started to hurt on a run I instantly started to ice it, raise it as well as took an anti-inflammatory. So this listing of Foot Injury should Haves includes an ice pack as well as leg elevation pillow. You can likewise utilize a bag of frozen peas however I was utilizing them over as well as over as well as they broke at one point. Ha!

Oddly? … I already had that huge wedge pillow since I’m a weirdo as well as a back sleeper. I like it as well as utilize everything the time.

When I believed it was tendonitis I transitioned to Epsom salt foot baths. There’s a foot soak tub as well as epsom salts on the list.

And when it went from a lil discomfort to it’s hurts to put any type of weight on it as well as I can’t walk… I got a walking boot.

But the diagnosis was still tendonitis so I wasn’t using the boot at that point.

Finally, when I got an MRI as well as discovered out it’s not just a tension fracture, however a total break in the 2nd metatarsal… I started to wear the walking boot.

And I spent time researching the very best lightweight, simple to utilize walking boot… hoping it would make walking as well as authorized exercise easier. So I purchased a second walking boot, shoe leveler as well as a healing shoe.

When I discovered out it was truly damaged as well as I’d be not able to run as well as confined to a boot for 6 to 8 weeks I went a lil crazy ordering all of THE things that may assist me survive. I got supplements that are expected to assist heal as well as regrow bone faster. I’m thinking about a bone stimulation machine!

So I have the knee scooter as well as the iWalk crutch, an additional shoe as well as a few other things that I haven’t tried yet as well as may not requirement after-all. I believed I’d requirement crutches as well as I don’t, so I’m returning the iWalk crutch since it’s implied to be utilized in location of crutches.

The knee scooter may be helpful for getting around, walking my canine as well as potentially doing something with my niece that needs a great deal of walking. I’m still trying to figure out if the new walking boot is great as is or if I requirement the scooter too.

But if you have utilized these products as well as want to chime in with your thoughts so others can benefit from your experience please do. Injuries suck. Let’s stick together as well as assist each-other out nevertheless we can.

All of the products I’m using, discussed or am thinking about are in my Amazon concept listing – Foot Injury should Haves 

Let me understand if you’ve had a damaged foot or tension fracture as well as if you have any type of suggestions or recommendations on a fast recovery!

Here’s a listing of the previous messages on my foot pain as well as exactly how I’m dealing with not being able to run.

Foot Injury Posts:

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Running Injury Planner – stay positive with this list

Check out training Plans, Recipes as well as Life Updates on RunEatRepeat.com 

For much more fun comply with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram and join the closed Run eat Repeat Facebook group to link with other runners as well as eaters!

Always speak with your doctor(s) before trying anything new. If you suspect you have a health and wellness associated problem or injury get appropriate medical care. The info on this site as well as social network ought to NOT be utilized to diagnose, treat or take the location of your own health and wellness care.

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