I’m Not Fat By Accident…

Disclaimer: If you are offended by the “F” word you should avoid this post. The word fat doesn’t bother me as well as I’m joking.

Hello!! Last night I decided to turn Sunday Funday into Sunday FunNIGHT as well as went out for a beverage or tres.
मेरो भर्खरको भिडियोहरू

Marathon training Day 4
Marathon training Journal day 4 inspect in

अधिक भिडियोहरू

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एथलेटा चलिरहेको छोटो समीक्षा .mp4 मा


This is me eyeing my pre-game cocktail…. it’s a poor concept to drink while getting prepared since then you believe selfies are a great idea. as well as they truly never are, right?


I didn’t stay out that late, however was a bit wound up when I got house as well as hung out watching TV. Then, it was time for a midnight snack…

Pro tip: put LC Pizzas in the toaster oven to make them crispy. Like, after you cook them in the microwave though so it doesn’t take forever. nobody has the time for that.

Two things I’ve never seen in Orange region before:

1. This morning I set off on my run as well as saw this path closed sign. I assumption it rained some last night as well as flooded a bit bit. We don’t have remarkable facilities to offer with a great deal of rain so even a bit bit can flood.

This was just weird to me though – I’ve ran right here for 5 years as well as never seen this entrance used!

Then, this is the craziest thing…

I was on a business phone call when I randomly heard it begin raining LOUD! I looked outside as well as saw…


A.) This wasn’t in the forecast – shouldn’t they warn us or something?

B.) I cannot tell you the last time I saw hail. I seriously believe perhaps one time as a bit little youngster in our very first home my mom took us outside when it was hailing to see it.

Then, it went away as well as the day appeared like this again:

I’m not fat by accident…


Okay, one time years back I was watching top chef as well as this adorable redhead on the left was one of the contestants. He as well as one more chef good friend were eating as well as one of them was like, “I’m not fat by accident.” It was basically in the context of acknowledging they like FOOD.

I totally feel you on this chef, deep down in my spirit even. 

And ever since then I state this when I understand I’m eating as well much or getting a weird level of pleasure out of eating.

Like today… when I cut my finger while putting together lunch at my parents. I was hungry so I just held it closed, tried to ignore the blood on my lettuce as well as sat down to eat.

I inspected it once again when I went to dig into the cake as well as it was still bleeding (not since the cut was bad, however since I eat fast). however I will not be stopped! never provide UP ON THE things YOU LOVE!!


Choose one =

A. cut the tip of your finger off (anyone) as well as you get to eat your preferred food for the rest of your life.

B. You never get to eat your preferred food again, however don’t have to cut your finger off.

I believe my response is obvious…

मलाई कार्यपुस्तक पठाउनुहोस्


साझेदारी हेरचाह गर्दैछ!


ठूलो गाडीको



चिठी पत्र


यी लिएर जान्छु:

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कोक शून्य आइस्ड कफी समीक्षा। कोका-कोला कफीको साथ अँध्यारो शूगर शूगरका साथ साथै भाल्ला शून्य चिनीले पहिलो पटकको लागि प्रयास गर्दै

के आधा म्याराथन दौड अघि के खाने छ

के आधा म्याराथन दौड अघि के खाने छ

दिउँसो आधा म्याराथन रक एन रोल लाज भेगास अघि के खानको लागि। आधा म्याराथन वा म्याराथन ल्याण्ड हुनु भन्दा पहिले कसरी ईन्धन

पिज्जा टर्वेले रेग्नोब्याक Instagram जानकारी

पिज्जा टर्वेले रेग्नोब्याक Instagram जानकारी

त्यहाँ एक नयाँ रन छ अब podkertla काखमा छ! साथै नयाँ चलाउने मित्र प्रकार्य Karalea को साथ शुरू हुन्छ। उनको सम्मान मा ‘vic

मैले आज खाना डायरी – म्याराथन प्रशिक्षण हप्ता are

मैले आज खाना डायरी – म्याराथन प्रशिक्षण हप्ता are

म एक दिनमा के खान्छु। खाद्य डायरी बृद्धि गरिएको ब्लग प्रशिक्षण हप्ता

St सेयरथोलिक द्वारा

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