I stop blogging To Be a DJ

Hello! When we last spoke I was having dinner with my family. We satisfied near my brother’s which indicated I was ‘only’ 45 miles from palm Springs where my finest good friend lives (that’s most likely about half method there from me). So, I made plans to head to PS so we might go out.

When I shown up I was greeted with watermelon vodka. Freezing chilly this stuff is great directly up. But, I’m not one to turn down a chaser either.
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What I eat In A Day – runner edition


I believed I was going to be dancing solo all night, however a significant pimple made a decision to be my date for the evening.

We had a DD so we were around the place. रमाइलो भएको थियो।

(Scored this red striped gown on incredibly sale.)

When I’m not doing my running pose, I’m doing my ‘pretend to be asleep somewhere in public’ pose.

When I’m partaking in adult beverage this is humorous (to me). When I’m sober composing blog articles the next day this is still humorous to me, however just truly odd to everybody else. Luckily, RER is odd so right here ya go.

And I have a huge statement to make!

Last night I made a decision to stop blogging to ended up being a DJ!!!! BOOM. plot twist.

But, then I woke up this morning as well as realized I shouldn’t make life decisions that lots of drinks in so I have made a decision to return to RER.

Cindy got me fun ‘Party sleep Repeat’ PJs. If only they added eat in there it would be perfect!

I used my new PJs while enjoying legendary nachos as well as fish tacos at 2am. Please note: ALL the above photos are from Cindy’s phone however this was the ONE photo I took last night. Ha! normal Monican, only loving the food.

(Fish tacos as well as bean burrito – no photo since I was elbow deep in nachos as well as loving life.)

This morning I rolled out of bed to take a walk as well as take pleasure in the appeal that is palm Springs! यो जस्तै।

Then, Cindy’s Mr. made us the most legendary breakfast of waffles as well as bacon as well as coffee. as well as all was ideal in the world.

Question: If you might pick a new job/career ideal now – what would you do?

What is a lot more appealing to you – the Nachos or the Waffle?

How ‘bout we make nacho waffles?!

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ट्रेडमिल शेर्क शेर्क भण्डारण ट्या tank ्कको साथै खाजा मितिहरू छन् … मितिहरू?

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नमस्कार! कस्तो भइरहेको छ? केवल यो सप्ताहन्तमा खारेज गरीएको साथ मात्र निरीक्षण गर्दै। तिमी के गर्दै छौ? प्रथम

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वजन घटाउने, तरबूज साथै ड्यावाको साथ सप्ताहन्त अद्यावधिकहरू

ठीक कसरी मनपर्दछ जब तपाईं आफैंलाई बढाउनुहोस्। शरीर फेशिटिस्ट गर्दा वजन हराइरहेको छ वा लक्ष्य पछि जाँदै। विचारहरू ठीकमा कसरी

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